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Optimized & Scalable Solutions using Opensource Technologies

KraftPixel specializes in web development, optimization, maintenance, as well as building interesting solutions to today‘s business needs.


Our Capabilities

Basically, we’re a bespoke IT company with a liking for the web.

Most Known For

Everything in WordPress

Literally everything.

  • One-time WordPress Development
  • Retainer-based Development
  • Custom Theme Development
  • Custom Plugin Development
  • Optimised AMP Development
  • Seamless data integrations with CRM, ERP etc

Gaining Popularity

Linux Hosting Management

Towards high-availability

  • Linux AWS Management
  • VPS Management
  • WordPress Rootkit Recovery
  • Consultation

Hidden Talent

X Automations

Magic that saves time & cost!

  • Lead Data Flow Automations
  • Call Center (OBD) Automation
  • Pre/Post Sales Automation
  • Data Processing Automation
  • Consultation


KraftPixel in the Media

Mass media taking notice of KraftPixel’s team efforts organically.


Where there's a will, there's a way

Contribution back to society not through compulsion or compliance,
but because we’re a bunch of humans too.


A Karate Prodigy

Our first project t KraftPixel where we helped Bhavisha Singh raise money to represent India for Karate in Germany.

Rs. 6.89L Raised

Born Without an Oesophagus

Twisha was born with a rare condition where she had no oesophagus.

Video of Twisha Eating

Election Commission of Maharashtra

After a huge tech success in 2017, we're working with the election commission again.

Dy. Commissioner's Letter

And here's why we do what we do.

Testimonials from industry leaders, future and current. Real people who were directly associated or managed projects that we worked on at their companies.

Well, there's a reason for us ending up working together wherever I go. Because there have never been any reasons to look for another agency when it comes to wordpress development. You have always been cognisant of the ups and downs of the business I've been part of and were eager to help in any way possible. Acts like those, go beyond the transactional relationship of client-agency setup, and truly become a partner for the business. We use the word "partner" in business contexts quite casually. But I know from experience that it is quite easy to find another agency, but super tough to find a reliable partner. 🙂

Aniket Thakkar, VP - Marketing, smallcase

"We are amazed by the strategic suggestions and solutions that you provide and you guys also do a wonderful job with the SEO technicals"

Abhishek Mazumdar, CEO

"They are extremely good in what they are doing and they deliver more than the promise and never promise what they can not deliver. They go the extra mile to deliver their project in the best possible manner."

Pritesh Mittal, COO

"I have been working with Kraftpixel for over two years now and I must say that I am highly impressed with the technical expertise that they bring on board."

Project v2 Ongoing

State Election Commission of Maharashtra – Better Voter Search Engine – Campaign Report:

  • It was quite known that the election commission’s website faced untimely crashes on poll day due to the heavy number of users that come to find their poll booth’s address
  • KraftPixel, through the Litmus Test Project, asked the State Election Commission of Maharashtra to give an opportunity to rebuild the voter poll booth search system
  • Long story short, KraftPixel built the system and surprised the officials by handling ~9,000 active real-time visitors and served around ~1 million visitors, who had an average search count of 1.5, which means they were even searching the poll booths for related persons. Here were the top stories on 22nd February 2017: 
  • In 2022, KraftPixel has been directly invited as “Technology Partner” to the State Election Commission of Maharashtra.

Here is the latest letter from the Dy. Commissioner (MahaSEC) to KraftPixel founders:

Project Successful

Bhavisha Singh – Karate Prodigy – Campaign Report:

  • Initially, the goal was to raise INR 2,00,000 for Bhavisha’s return flight and competition expenses. Her team of 3 was selected to represent India in Germany for Karate.
  • While the campaign was ongoing, and not even INR 5,000 was raised, we were informed by Bhavisha that even her teammates are not able to raise their share.
  • The campaign goal was now raised to INR 6,00,000 and everyone else lost hope. But KraftPixel’s co-founders Abhishek and Prathamesh were resilient.
  • KraftPixel onboarded The Logical Indian as a partner which helped a lot in the fund-raising process. Abhishek himself went to Bhavisha’s place to take her interview, which you can watch here. It took approximately 6 hours and since Abhishek missed college that day, his college attendance dropped from 72 to 68% that day, which means he had to call his parents to the college.
  • No monetary compensation was taken from Bhavisha or her parents by KraftPixel.

A sum of ~INR 6,89,000 was successfully raised into Bhavisha’s mom’s savings account. The report of all transactions maintained by the Gharat brothers still exists on the website today: 

Further Success Proofs: INDIA TV interviews Bhavisha Singh

Project Successful

Twisha Makwana – Born without an oesophagus – Campaign Report:

  • Baby Twisha was born to Indian parents in Australia; when she was born, the doctors discovered a very rare abnormality i.e. baby Twisha did not have an oesophagus (food pipe)
  • She had to be fed through a hole in her stomach, until a couple of years later, there was an opportunity to get the Foker Process done at Boston’s Children Hospital
  • KraftPixel joined this campagn when an amount of about INR 2.5 crores (USD 3,27,518) was already raised by her mother. The website used to keep getting defaced by hackers.
  • KraftPixel redid the entire website and tightened the security. A year later, the required amount of INR 7.5 crores (~USD 9,82,555) was successfully raise and Twisha was operated successfully.

Here are videos of Baby Twisha being able to eat like a normal kid today: