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Twisha Makwana – Born without an oesophagus – Campaign Report:

  • Baby Twisha was born to Indian parents in Australia; when she was born, the doctors discovered a very rare abnormality i.e. baby Twisha did not have an oesophagus (food pipe)
  • She had to be fed through a hole in her stomach, until a couple of years later, there was an opportunity to get the Foker Process done at Boston’s Children Hospital
  • KraftPixel joined this campagn when an amount of about INR 2.5 crores (USD 3,27,518) was already raised by her mother. The website used to keep getting defaced by hackers.
  • KraftPixel redid the entire website and tightened the security. A year later, the required amount of INR 7.5 crores (~USD 9,82,555) was successfully raise and Twisha was operated successfully.

Here are videos of Baby Twisha being able to eat like a normal kid today: