Automatic Vaccination Slot Availability Checker 🔔

Alarm use recommended only on Desktop/Laptop

AutoVacSAC is a free-to-use browser-based tool that searches, filters and alerts you about an open slot while you focus on something else.

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⚠️: Please do not completely depend on this tool and rather, use it for its intended purpose -- i.e. for being notified of available slots only. The tool uses COWIN APIs which have certain important official limits that we respect i.e. max 100 requests per 5 mins per IP, so we disallow using the tool above these limits as responsible developers. The best way to use this tool is in parallel to other discovery methods such as the Telegram groups (this is especially for high-velocity booking regions such as Mumbai). The tool will only help you discover your desired centre's slot availability and alert you if you have turned on the alarm (on mobile, it will only work as long as your phone is awake, so we recommend using a laptop or a desktop). We recommend you use the Aarogya Setu app to book the slot (because there's no captcha required there). We thank MoHFW, GoI for making the APIs highly available, thus allowing this tool to exist and helping even the blind to be notified of slots. 20/05/21

Disclaimer: This tool runs on your browser and uses COWIN APIs. So, no data is being passed through our servers and we take no liability for any impact of the results from this tool. This tool will buzz you with a sound that a slot has become available. At times, there is a delay from the APIs end and not because of the tool or even your internet connection. We recommend using this tool via Chrome on Desktop.


  • v0.8 (03/06/21) – AutoVacSAC now shows slots for upto 7 days from selected date
  • v0.7 (20/05/21) – Added a filter to select dose 1 or 2.
  • v0.6 (15/05/21) – Added a toggle to keep screen ‘on’ for Android devices.
  • v0.5 (14/05/21) – Share on Whatsapp link added for easy sharing, warning regarding sound alarm added, added warning for when API requests start failing
  • v0.4 (13/05/21) Added Settings auto-save & restore after page refresh. Added a choice for selecting data source (APIs).
  • v0.3: Added Age, Type, and Cost filters. Improved alert sound testing.
  • v0.2: Added State and District selector, improved UI
  • v0.1: Tool functioning, and tested with static parameters for setting district ID.