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Our mission is to build a dependable IT company

We’re looking for minds that love taking ownership and have a high sense of accountability in the work that they do; we are not looking for “rockstar developers”.


To succeed at KraftPixel, practice:
Trust, Accountability & Ownership

For whichever position you apply for, these are the foundation values that will help you in your career.


What at KraftPixel is
employment with benefits

We believe in a WIN-WIN-WIN culture at KraftPixel. In FY2122, we had 100% paid leave approval at all levels. Furthermore, we have listed some of the benefits of working at KraftPixel in this section. 

Build your own work machine

We give you a budget, you decide what devices you want to work with at the company

'Golden Years' program

X% of CTC as additional bonus for basis your age (X) at the company, every year.

Mediclaim insurance of Rs. 5L/year

All employees, irrespective of their rank and role are covered for a mediclaim insurance of Rs. 5L.

Low micro-management culture

Your managers will not micromange you at this company, we trust you to get the work done with high-ownership and accountability.


Let’s find you an open position.

We have both, full time roles as well as trainee (paid internship) positions on our portal. Apply and be proactive. We also promise to keep you updated.

Project Successful

Twisha Makwana – Born without an oesophagus – Campaign Report:

  • Baby Twisha was born to Indian parents in Australia; when she was born, the doctors discovered a very rare abnormality i.e. baby Twisha did not have an oesophagus (food pipe)
  • She had to be fed through a hole in her stomach, until a couple of years later, there was an opportunity to get the Foker Process done at Boston’s Children Hospital
  • KraftPixel joined this campagn when an amount of about INR 2.5 crores (USD 3,27,518) was already raised by her mother. The website used to keep getting defaced by hackers.
  • KraftPixel redid the entire website and tightened the security. A year later, the required amount of INR 7.5 crores (~USD 9,82,555) was successfully raise and Twisha was operated successfully.

Here are videos of Baby Twisha being able to eat like a normal kid today: