How to add GSTIN to WooCommerce Invoices


After 1st July 2017, GST is in full force in India. If you’ve read our article on how to easily setup GST for WooCommerce, you’ll know how to calculate GST (which is CGST+SGST) and IGST for all your Indian customers. In this article, we wish to show you how easy it is to display your GSTIN (Goods & Services Tax Identification Number) on all your invoices.

While the GST setup didn’t require a plugin in our GST setup guide, to display your GSTIN number on the invoices, you’re going to need to install a free plugin: WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips

Remember, you need to uninstall any other PDF invoice generating plugin for this to work.

Apart from helping you to add the GSTIN number to your invoice, it will also help you to generate, print and send PDF invoices and packing slips (and much more which can be read here) — which is great, isn’t it! Once you have installed the plugin, visit the plugin’s settings page and fill in all the necessary information.

Next, simply follow the screenshots:

  1. Visit the Template tab in the settings. (You’ll find it under WooCommerce > PDF Invoices)
  2. Scroll down, till you see the field with ‘Footer Terms & Condition etc’. In the text field, simply type ‘Our GSTIN is: <your GST number>’

You’re set! We understand that this may not be an optimal solution and you might like the GSTIN to be somewhere at the top, but this gets your job done. If you have figured out a better solution, please contribute in the comments.

Last modified: Jul 28, 2017 @ 1:44 pm

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  1. Hi,

    Is it possible to add GSTIN number for Multivendor stores(for each vendor there own GSTIN number)and it should print in invoice or emails.If yes please share or tel me how to achieve it you can reach me below mail id thanks in advance.

    1. KraftPixel Team
      KraftPixel Team

      Yes, this is possible. You will first need to have a GST field for each vendor in your multi-vendor plugin. After that, you will need to code and pull information from the multi-vendor plugin by modifying your invoice plugin. Need a qualified WordPress development team to help you out with this? Email us at

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